1. Socially Responsible, Sustainable Investments in Emerging Markets (S1)

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    Course Objectives

    • Understand what SRI means, how it evolved, and what its current extent is
    • Appreciate the role of values and value systems in determining SRI and its interface with competing ethical investment systems, e.g. Sharia
    • Debate and take a position on the relationship between leading ethical issues and SRI
    • Learn the role of SRI in a range of different investment classes, including fixed income, real estate, private equity and institutional investment more generally
    • Analyse the process of ESG screening and its relationship with SRI investing, including the distinctions between ESG and Impact Investment
    • Study the evidence on SRI investment and financial returns
    • Examine the construction of SRI indices and their function
    • Evaluate the future of SRI investment

    Investors are a demanding, sometimes contradictory universe of people. Not only do they want good, preferably outstanding, financial returns, but increasingly they want to invest only in companies that meet their ethical criteria. This course looks at the rapidly moving world of socially responsible investment: what it means, how it is defined and measured, who does it and how successfully. Issues such as differences in cultural perspectives, how screening works, the boundaries between SRI, other forms of ethical investment and the regulatory system are covered thoroughly through local case studies and group exercises.

    This course is also available online. Delegates can receive the course materials, do the exercises and have them marked by the trainer, as well as benefit from two hours’ personal Skype, for a fee of USD 600. This method of accessing the course is especially convenient for delegates who would otherwise have to travel internationally. To purchase the online version click here