1. International Conference on CSR/Sustainability: Practical Solutions

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    International Workshop  on CSR/Sustainability

    THEME                                  : CSR/SUSTAINABILITY – PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS

    VENUE                                   : HOLIDAY INN, Mauritius

    DATE                                      : 11 – 12 MAY 2016 (May 13 Optional special session)

    Michael and Maga in Mauritius

    Event Hosts Michael and Maga

    The Association of Airline Ambassadors ( AAA) together with MHC International Ltd and the World Airlines Clubs Association (WACA) will lead the CSR/Sustainability Workshop in Mauritius.

    The objective of this workshop is to bring together people involved in Sustainability and/or CSR to discuss practical solutions to how best to implement programmes throughout their company.

    The workshop will be organised around a plenary and breakout sessions to delve into key issues chosen by participants. The aim will be to come up with practical solutions so that when attendees return to their work-places they will know exactly what to do in terms of CSR/Sustainability on the first day of the working week.

    Prof. Dr. Michael Hopkins and Judge Mervyn King SC will be the main moderators of the interactive workshop along with event host Maga Ramasamy, where public and private heads of departments, CSR professionals, company secretaries and NGOs will participate.

    Conference Themes:

    The breakout sessions could cover the following themes dependent on participant wishes:

    • Government and CSR/Sustainability;
    • Sustainable Travellism ( Travel and Tourism);
    • Practical approaches in CSR;
    • Social Development Goals – SDGs;
    • Innovative CSR Projects and Branding;
    • Sustainability Reporting – ISO 26000, GRI, IIRC, OECD, B-Corp etc;
    • Hopkins-CSR-Model of certification and application to NGOs and Public sector as well as Private Sector;
    • CSR in India led by Harsha Mukeherjee (CSR in India Book just published)


    Day 1 (11 March 2016)

    08 30 – 09 30        –  Registration

    09 30 – 10 30         –  Opening Ceremony

                                       –    Official Opening of the Workshop – Minister of Corporate Governance.

                                       –    Key note speech  by  Prof. Michael Hopkins, Founder of MHC International

                                       –    Special address by Judge Mervyn King

     10 30 – 11 00          –   Tea break

    11 00 – 12 30           –   Practical Approaches in CSR By Prof Michael Hopkins

     12 30 – 13 15           –  Buffet LUNCH

     13 15 – 14 00           –  Corporate Governance  & Integrated Reporting  By Judge Mervyn King

     15 00 – 15 30         –   CSR the basis to drive The United Nation’s  Social Development Goals  (SDGs) By Prof. Michael Hopkins and choice of Breakout sessions

     14 45 – 15 00          –    Tea Break

     15 00 – 16 30         –     Breakout session I

     Day 2 (12 May 2016)

     09 15 -10 00            –    Review of Breakout session I by Moderators (5 mins each)

    10 00 – 10 45           –     Practical Sustainability/Integrated Reporting Using Participant Examples- Guidance given By Judge Mervyn King

     10 45 – 11 00        –         Tea break

     11 00 – 12 30        –         Innovative CSR projects and Branding and Hopkins-CSR-Model of certification – By Prof Michael Hopkins and Maga Ramasamy (the case of Air Mauritius)

     12 30 – 13 15        –           LUNCH

    13 15 –  14 30        –           Breakout Session II

    14 30 – 15 30        –           Moderators report on Session II and Wrap-up of Workshop

    Followed by Certificate presentation and launching of Books by Michael Hopkins and Harsha Mukherjee

    Day 3 (13 May 2016)

    The Government of Mauritius will present its CSR programme and include NGOs who have received company CSR donations. All participants invited.



    Attendance Fee will be $447 for companies and institutions and $347 for individuals. Transfers to the hotel from the airport, and all meals will be included in the conference price. Discounts will be offered for accommodation and air transport of 20% using Air Mauritius as the main carrier.

    Payment details

    Credit Card – Click ‘Conference Fee’ below

    Individual Fee kindly click below:[stripe name=”Mauritius CSR Conference” description=”Individual Fee” amount=”34700″ currency= “USD” payment_button_label = “Individual Conference Fee” image_url=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-717″>”]

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    Paypal payments are also accepted – see Left Hand Side.

    Payment can also be made by bank transfer or bank draft to :

    Association Airline Ambassadors
    2nd Floor, Air Mauritius Centre
    John Kennedy Street
    Port Louis


    Any queries kindly contact us on:

    You may wish to contact us for any arrangement for hotel accommodation.

  2. GRI Certified Training Programmes

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    Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 training in Africa 2015

    MHCi through its subsidiary CSRFI leads the consortium to run GRI G4 Certified courses in sub-Saharan Africa.  We are currently developing our programme for 2015 and shall hold training sessions in Nairobi, Mauritius, Accra, Lagos, Dakar with sessions under negotiation to be held in Gabarone, Luanda, Lusaka, Dar-es-Salaam and Maputo.  Contact us for more details on any of the locations at .

    As an introduction to what CSRFI and its partners will offer, check out this video discussion of 6 minutes between Enrique Torres and Michael Hopkins on what you can expect from our GRI G4 two-day (or other arrangement) trainings.

    enrique torres on GRI reporting

    Coming Up: Mauritius over 12-13 February 2015, Nairobi 13-14 March, Accra 13-14 March 2015

    We shall follow the below programme in both cases, and in Mauritius will be led by GRI certified trainers Dr. Michael Hopkins and Maga Ramasamy (Head of CSR/Sustainability, Air Mauritius) – see recent 90 sec. video of Maga on GRI and application to Air Mauritius etc.  You may pay now for this course and take advantage of our Early Bird offer (see ‘BUY NOW’ left side panel)

    MagaRamamsamy interviewed by Michael Hopkins on GRI reporting

    Both above videos courtesy of Michiel van der Zeeuw, Amsterdam.

    Contact us for more details on

    Michael and Maga in Mauritius

    Michael and Maga in Mauritius Nov 2014

    Course in Nairobi successfully completed in October 2014 – led by former GRI Senior Manager Learning Services, Enrique Torres




    Participants at Nairobi course and Head of Safaricom  Sustainability Reporting, the brilliant (really!) Karen Basiye, pictured immediately above

    GRI G4 Certified Training Courses in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Botswana, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. See:

    MHCi logo blue

    The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the most widely used framework for

    sustainability reporting. It helps companies to implement corporate social responsibility into their daily business and to report transparently on the social, economic and environmental performance of their organisation. GRI launched the G4 Guidelines in May2014 and is the focus of this workshop.  Participants will be trained on how to use the G4 Guidelines for their sustainability reporting.

    May 2014
    Typical workshop May 2014

    Our Typical Programme

    Day 1

    08.30: Welcome


    – Sustainability Reporting and GRI
    – GRI G4 Guidelines
    – Introduction to the GRI reporting process

    11.30:  PART II – PREPARE: Plan your reporting process

    – Imagine your GRI Sustainability Report
    – Develop an action plan
    – How to start the process
    – Group exercise

    13:00: Lunch break

    14.00: PART III – CONNECT: Engage with your stakeholders

    – Why engage with your stakeholders?
    – Identify stakeholders
    – Prioritise stakeholders
    – Dialogue with stakeholders
    – Group exercise

    16.00: PART IV – DEFINE: Defining your material aspects and boundaries

    – Introduction to defining material aspects
    – Identification of relevant topics

    17.00: Q&A session

    17.30: End of first day

    Day 2

    08.30: Opening Coffee Break and Review of the first day

    09.30: PART IV – DEFINE: Defining your material aspects and boundaries (cont.)

    – Priorisation
    – Validation
    – Group exercise

    11.30: PART V – MONITOR: Build your report

    – Check internal systems
    – Discuss and set performance targets

    13:00: Lunch break

    14.00: PART VI – REPORT: Communicate

    – Write and finalise the report
    – Communicate
    – Prepare for the next cycle
    – Report evaluation exercise

    17.00: Closing

    – Closing remarks
    – Information on feedback form and certificate

    17.30: End of workshop

    Workshop Overall Trainers: Michael Hopkins and MagaRamasamy

    A word on payment

    There is an ability to pay shown on the LHS with the ‘Buy Now’ button.  Unfortunately it does not always work to accept credit cards in all countries and in some countries you will have to open a Paypal account – in fact Paypal assures us you put in exactly the same information as for a credit card.  If you would like to avoid that we can simply send you an invoice and you pay by bank transfer (kindly contact us via  We apologise for the inconvenience and are working on an alternative.  Let me assure you that as a UK Public Limited and Registered Company we always honour our commitments, we would anyway but we are also obliged to by UK Law..

    Further Details:

    Paypal has asked us to display the following information so we may accept credit cards:

    1. Privacy Policy – We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties.

    2. Refund / Cancelation Policy – You may cancel up to 14 days before the start of the course and we shall offer a full refund.  Should you fall ill or other medical emergency we shall refund up to the last minute but would need to see a medical certificate.

    3. Contact us – best way to contact us is via e-mail on  Our postal address is CSRFI/MHC International Ltd, 24 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4YX, UK.

    4. Our full business trading name is CSRFI which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the social enterprise MHC International Ltd (MHCI) and which is registered at UK Company House under the registration number: 02263853