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    Seminar on Responsible Leadership in a Contemporary Context

    Leadership is under strain right across the world and companies have not escaped this fate either.
    Drawing upon the wide experiences of the Institute’s founder members, examples will be shared with top leaders over lunch, discussion, presentations and evening cocktails – with an opportunity for wider networking.


    National Liberal Club, One Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE


    Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 12.00 noon – 7.00 pm

    What is Responsible Leadership?

    The importance of being a Responsible Leader is easily said but difficult to define. The Financial Times describes a responsible leader as a `CEO who has excellent relationships with his/her main stakeholders especially shareholders`.  More precisely the IRL follows the CSR/Sustainability definitions developed by one of our founding members Prof. Michael Hopkins – see Hopkins-CSR/Sustainability-Model (H-CSR-M).

    Responsible Leadership can therefore be seen as:

    Responsible leaders in both the public and private sector treat stakeholders with integrity to ensure that issues of sustainability, ethics and the wider public interest are best addressed.

    IRL Seminars on Responsible Leadership

    The Institute of Responsible Leadership (IRL) in conjunction with CSRfi and the United Nations Institute for Teaching and Research (UNITAR) holds regular seminars and workshops.  Further announcements will be updated with the following titles:

    Future Prospective Seminars

    Responsible Leadership in a contemporary context
    – Responsible Leadership in conflict situations
    – Responsible Leadership in a discriminatory society
    – Responsible Leadership in crisis situations
    – Responsible Leadership and ethics
    – Responsible Leadership in situations of failure
    – Responsible Leadership and corruption
    – Bespoke programmes for particular organisations on request to:

    Julie Search-Whittaker


    Certified by the Institute for Responsible Leadership and the Corporate Social Responsibility Financial Institute (CSRfi).

    More Information

    For more information please contact Julie Search-Whittaker :  – mobile (+44) (0)7790 811173.

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