What are CSR and Sustainability all about?

Our definition and complete model, that can be certified, is available in its short form and is known as the:


Check out a 10 minute video where Dr. Michael Hopkins also explains what CSR is all about.

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Michael is also CEO of MHC International Ltd, a research and advisory company on CSR as well as employment issues.  The MHCinternational website contains 100s of articles on CSR.

Michael also directed the CSR/Sustainability Doctoral Programme (DBA) at the Geneva Business School which is run online but with regular face-to-face meetings with Michael in Geneva, Barcelona and/or Nairobi. See the DBA website for full registration details here.

Michael’s collection of videos on CSR, USA election, Brexit, Employment, Robotics, Investing etc. check out here.

CSR is s systems approach to running a company or organisation responsibly as outlined in our CSR Model.  Some see CSR as a way to encourage CSR Projects as well…so CSRFi has developed a CSR Project Exchange to enable Company offers to be matched with External Organsisation (such as NGOs) requests – check out our new CSR Exchange!

What We do

CSRFI is a wholly owned subsidiary of MHC International Ltd and provides high level certified workshops on CSR/Sustainability as well as Socially Responsible Finance. Our team of certified trainers, also GRI certified, have over 15 years of practical experience in business as well as some with the United Nations, Governments and Universities. Our focus is to provide clear practical guides to each of the main areas in CSR and also Social Finance. Participants will gain access to the main literature in the face-to-face workshops held in beautiful locations around the world.

Recent work is looking at the link between CSR and the UN’s SDGs and, in particular, what companies can do to promote the development inherent in the SDGs – see a recent article by Michael CSR and the United Nations SDGs.

Our revised and updated interactive online course offers a practical introduction to CSR and Sustainability along with a Certificate from George Mason University.  The course can be taken whenever and wherever you like, and as long as you like – although we recommend you find ten to twelve hours over a period of a few weeks.

We also offering courses and seminars based upon Michael Hopkins’ CSR/Sustainability Books (Greenleaf) – the text book is available as an e-book on Amazon.com

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Twenty Chapters and 500 pages of practical advice for businesses intent on implementing the best CSR and Sustainability practices.


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Why Choose us on CSR?

  • World renowned experts with a wealth of both financial and CSR expertise
  • Continued post-course access to experts
  • Highly focused interactive training with local case studies for each training location
  • Certification by a leading US university provider of certified training courses internationally
  • All course materials in soft copy for delegates

Monthly CSR Meetups

Monthly CSR Meetups in a location near you

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[Based upon our internationally accepted methodology that underlies ALL our courses]

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